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Holiday Presents for BDSM lovers- great spanking fiction and erotic eBook

One thing I haven't really mentioned here is that a couple of my stories recently got featured in a compilation ebook of spanking and BDSM fiction. I just got a chance to look through my copy and I can say I'm impressed to see how well Victoria put the whole thing together. There were seven authors included, and each of them shared stories that I think showed how a lot of aspects of BDSM can be very similar and very different at the same time depending on the connection between the people who are involved. I thought there was a lot of good writing, really more than I expected. I also enjoyed the essays, and the section at the back with links to a bunch of personal spanking blogs and sites , and some cool stuff for writers. She was very encouraging, and I'm glad I got to be a part of it.

You can see the preview of the book “A Hairbrush in Your Stocking” at

Victoria is also offering a direct-order spankophile Holiday Special that sounds like a fun deal; the three most recent books for twenty bucks. She must need Christmas money or something to offer them so cheap! LOL ;-)~ Each of the ebooks has a collection of F/f and M/f spanking stories, and has the feel of a gourmet kind of erotica. I certainly enjoyed it enough to start re-reading it right away! Payment is made via paypal through the buttons on her site:

The details are also in one of her recent posts. If you like this sort of thing you should check it out anyway, there are lot's of hot pictures of naughty girls getting spankings, and free stories. If you enjoy this kind of erotica, say something nice in her comments over there- I'm hoping she'll be finishing an all F/f compilation she's been working on that I think will get a lot more interest than she expects. It's one genera I don't think there is enough good writing in, and I enjoy her take on things as well as the stories of the other cool writer's she picked to include.

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F/f Spanking forum Link

I found a cool looking F/f spanking forum, not sure how I missed it. It looks like it goes back really far, and has lots of stories and threads. Worth checking out!

F/f Spanking Forum

Surprises Are Fun Part 3 and 4

( see earlier post to read part 1 and 2 )

Part 3

My bottom really was throbbing, and stinging, and itching a little. It was hard not to dance around to room, but I didn't want mommy to peek in and see me not standing still. I didn't know how long I'd have to wait there, but the minutes ticked by like years. I dreaded being called out of the corner, but hated standing in it.

Suddenly I could her her heels clicking on the hard wood in the hall. She was coming back. "Stay right there." she said, and came over to me, putting something new in my hands. "Now you hold that against your bottom like a good girl who knows that she needs to be punished." She said, making me blush with embarrassment. "You should be grateful." she added. I could tell that what was in my hands was a school cane. One hot tear dripped down my cheek in anticipation. This was going to hurt, I already knew.

I heard her behind me, arranging things on the bed. She sat down, and started reading something tome out loud.

"In the Student Code of Conduct it says that if your are disrespectful or disobedient you can be punished corporeally, by spanking, paddling, and caning..."she trailed off. "Were you disrespectful to me when I started to talk about discipline at your school?" She asked.

"Yes, Mommy. I'm sorry." I responded. Better not to lie.

"Did I spank you for it?"she asked.

"Yes Mommy." I said, nose still in the corner.

"Did it hurt?" she asked.

"Mommy..." I whined.

"Answer the question!" she demanded.

"Yes Mommy, it hurt when you spanked me." I told her.

"What do you think I'm going to do now?" She asked.

I didn't want to answer. I knew, by what was in my hands. "Please, Mommy, not the cane!" I yelped.

"Well then, it seems that you're paying attention. Come here now." She demanded.

I turned and saw the stack of pillows near the edge of the bed. Now I felt shaky. She told me to bend over them and grab the other side of the mattress. She pulled my panties all the way off and made me step out of them, telling me she wanted to be able to get some good smacks on my thighs too. I almost jumped up, and she still hadn't swatted me with it yet!

"Do you know why I'm going to give you the cane?" she asked, sounding very stern.

"No, Mommy- please- I'll be good."

The begging didn't work. In fact, it provoked her. Without warning the first stroke whisked across my naked butt, leaving a fiery stripe "Ooowch!" I squealed. "Hush." she said.

"Yes, Ma'am." I said, the tone of one being reproached in my voice.

SWISH "Owwww!"

"Quiet, I said.!"

SWISH "MMMMH!" I almost cried, forcing the sound to hold itself back against my firmly pressed together lips.

SWISH "Ahhhh!" "please Mommy!" I choked out.

"Nope." She answered, still pausing. The cane rested against my firey hot cheeks, and she told me in no uncertain terms that I had been disobedient when I wouldn't stay still to be paddled with the hairbrush. Since I didn't take that like a good girl, I was getting the cane, and then -another- spanking with her hand and the hairbrush, to see if I had learned to be more obedient. Tears sprang to my eyes suddenly. She couldn't be serious, I thought! It had only been 4 strokes, but already I thought I was going to die or something.

"8 more with the cane, and you better behave or I'll start over." She promised. I resolved to stay very still and take it. Stripe after stripe landed. Time ceased. Every one of those eight stripes could have been a hundred, I was sure. Suddenly it was over and I collapsed forward on the pillows.

I was told to stay put.

She went to the kitchen and came back, and I heard her dragging the chair from the middle of the room to the corner. Not the corner again!

She told me to turn around, and I did, seeing the chair in the corner with a wicker place mat on it.

"Keep your skirt up" she said "And come sit down over here."

I wanted to whine once I understood what she meant to make me do- but I didn't think it would be a good idea. I sat down with my bare bottom on the wicker mat. It hurt in the most irritating way, like being stung by a hundred bees at once.

She told me that in a half an hour I was going to get the spanking of my life, and that since I had misbehaved, the rest of what I had gotten didn't count. Then she spun on her heel and left me alone again.

Part 4

Mommy left me sitting there on the wicker mat, which was miserable. I knew better than to get up, and every time I moved or shifted a little, the scratchy straw cords of the mat would rub against me stinging hot bottom. A half an hour went by slowly, and I thought about all the times in my life I had gotten away with being disobedient or disrespectful in situations where I should have done differently. As hard as it was to sit there, I realized I was probably putting myself through this experience because I needed it.

I was very nice to Mommy when she came back, even though I knew she was going to spank me again and make my bottom even more sore. I swallowed hard and resolved myself when she sat down on the bed and called me over. It was a high enough bed that my feet dangled off the floor, making me feel even more like I really was a little girl. Silently, she began to spank me again. I looked at the clock, and ten minutes later she was still spanking me. On top of the thin stripy impressions the cane had theft, even being spanked with her hand hurt so much more than it did the first time. I didn't make a peep, or struggle and protest, even when she picked up the hairbrush.

I gasped as she laid into me with it. Then out of nowhere as she kept paddling my but hard I started to cry and sob. I didn't beg her to stop, and tried not to make a fuss, but it really stung. Each swat made all the heat in that part of my bottom flare up, and I felt like I couldn't take it anymore. i realized that didn't matter, she was the one who would get to decide when I had been spanked enough.

Then she started to lecture me, and I really started to cry. She reminded me about how I had messed up the rules at my old school, and that it was my fault I had to go to a stricter school. I had been late too many times, not done my homework, brought cigarettes to school, and all kinds of things that made me a handful for my teachers. Even though I was crying about it now, mommy thought I still needed the spanking. She decided that since I had twelve detentions last semester she was going to spank me with the hairbrush for 12 more minutes.

It went on forever. I knew Mommy would never really hurt me beyond making my butt sore, but she was wearing me out. I kept crying for a few minutes, really hard, but the tears and the sobbing finally slowed down. The spanking did not. I watched the clock as the minutes creeped by.

Somewhere around seven minutes my stoic resolve broke and I begged and pleaded with her to stop. "I'll be good Mommy, I swear!" came out of my mouth, among other things. She didn't even say anything, and I knew it was hopeless. Five more minutes of getting my bare butt paddled.

Every smack blended together. My thighs got it too, which made me kick a bit, though I tried not to. When I did that she landed a flurry of smacks on my but that made me scream and throw my head into the mattress. She still didn't stop. Once I stopped kicking though, she calmed the spanking
down just a bit. It still really hurt, though.

Finally it was over. I just laid there over her lap and started to cry again. I didn't feel like I could move for a couple of minutes. She stroked my hair and told me that it was alright, she was sure I'd remember to be a good girl. Finally she helped me up and we went to the kitchen and ate sandwiches. I sat on pillows at the table, which helped just a little. She told me that she knew that was a really long hard spanking, and she could tell that I had tried to be good about it.

Finally, our afternoon was over. She told me that there was one more thing she wanted me to do-- my car has those leather seats that heat up? You guessed it. I had to drive the whole way home with it on. At first it kind of felt nice, but then it was miserable. Finally I was home and able to think about the whole thing.

It was a few days of uncomfortable sitting afterwards, I'll tell you!

Still, I can't wait to see "Mommy" again. Though next time she might be my teacher, or my boss- I never know until I walk into the living room. Surprises are fun.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Suprises are fun- Part 1 and 2

I set my purse and umbrella down in the front hallway and walked into Mom's living room.

Mom wasn't my Mom, but that wasn't going to matter anymore when my panties were around my ankles and my bare bottom was getting a spanking, I thought with a gulp.

These things had already been agreed upon in advance. From the time I was to walk into that living room I was to address her as 'Mommy', and allow her to play with me and punish me. Anyone reading this story would probably already guess which the focus would likely turn out to be.

She snapped at me from the kitchen as she was cutting the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into perfect triangles and sprinkling cinnamon sugar on top of them. "Young Lady."

"No 12 year old is going to be dragging muddy shoes across my carpet! Set them in the hall!"

I understood. From that point I was to be 12, and having a normal afternoon with my Mom- other than that I had obviously already started to irritate her. "Your new school uniform is laid out on your bed, I want you to go try it on so we can see if it fits right" she said, still putting chips on the plate.

"yes, Mommy." I said, walking towards the guest room. I understood that it was now 'my room' and that I better go try on my new cloths.

The green and red plaid skirt was really cute, and perfectly sized- if a little short. No fishnets and high heels here- tall white knee socks that went over my knees, and little black Mary Janes. Tight white cotton panties, with little pink roses in the center- nearly made me gak. ' I'm not a little girl!' I thought, defiantly, just as I would have when I was 12. It was working- I realized, to my dismay. Mother called out "Hurry up in there!" I finished buckling my little shoes and buttoning my crisp white shirt- training bra underneath. This was embarrassing already- but almost automatically I finished up really fast and
was in the living room.

Mommy was sitting on the couch in a perfect powder blue dress. She had a pretty string of pearls around her neck that I secretly coveted. I knew better though, such things are not meant for little girls who might loose them. She had short navy pumps on, her hair up nicely with little wisps coming down, and salmon pink lipstick that brought out the blue in her eyes. She gave me a winning smile. "Good Girl." she said "You look so nice in your uniform."

"Now, you're always a good girl at school, so I don't think you'll have to worry about it--" she said, meeting me square in the eyes, "But you know your new school may have rules your not used to, right?" she asked, confidently.

I knew, without being told, that somehow this was going to lead to me getting a spanking. A real one, here in this living room, and sometime soon. I gulped again, smiling back, playing the game.

I wanted it. I also didn't want it, and the more real it got, the more scared I got- which was exactly what I was going for. I knew that not only was I going to get a spanking, but it was going to be a long and hard one. She would not stop, once it began, until I was well past crying. It didn't count unless I cried. That much was clear, and would be made clear again in very tangible

Part 2

Now I was in my bedroom, and this couldn't be happening! She wasn't really going to spank me, was she? My little girl mind was now racing- as I had been firmly placed there.

She had sent me to my room. I deserved it really, I had smarted off. I knew better than to argue with her. It's just that she told me that the teacher's at my new school could spank students if they misbehaved! How barbaric. Even worse, when I told her she couldn't send me to a school like that she reminded me of the problems I had at my last school. Then she told me she thought she had been way too lenient on me for way to long, and that I needed to go to my room while she cooled off. When I was on my way to my room she said "We're going to have a big talk in a minute, Young lady, and you're not going to like it!" Something about her tone was ominous, and it sent chills down my back.

I waited, sitting on my bed. Ten minutes. I heard the coffee pot brewing. 20 minutes. I paced and played with some leggos on the floor. 30 minutes. The door opened. My mommy had a hairbrush in her hand. 'Nooooo!' that racing part of my mind thought, but I didn't say anything.

Mommy looked angry, but calm. The calm scared me, she looked resolved, and she had a good grip on that hairbrush. Just looking at it, my bottom suddenly felt hot. 'I don't want a spanking!' The little girl in me wailed. I still kept my mouth shut, staring down at my mary janes.

She pulled my desk chair into the middle of the room and sat down, setting the hairbrush on the floor. "Come here. " she demanded.

I obeyed and she grabbed me by the wrist. She started pulling me towards her. "Mommy- what are you doing???" I screeched, without thinking.

"Something I should have done a long time ago. " She said, in a matter of fact way. I felt the color drain out of my face. So there was to be no discussion? I guess not, I thought, as I was falling over her knee.

"Mommy!" I yelped, as I found myself across her lap. She had a firm grip. Suddenly, I didn't think I was going to be getting out of this. Not that I wanted to, but now that it was eminent, I wasn't so sure. I felt my skirt being yanked up, and a hand slap across my ass hard! "Oww! Mommy! No! What are you doing!!?" I yelped, all in one breath. She paid no attention to my protests as she started to slap my panty clad backside rapidly. It stung much more than I expected!

"Yeowch! Mommmyyyy!" I yelped. She paused.

"Young Lady, if you want to make a fuss about something, I'll give you something to make a fuss about!" She yelled. Oh no! She ripped my panties down with an awful force, and slapped my bare bottom hard about a dozen times. I started to loose my breath.

Now my bare bottom was up in the air and stinging like mad. She didn't waste any time. "You know," she said,"I don't think this is a hard enough spanking to get through to a little girl that has been as naughty as you have." I felt the hairbrush suddenly, resting on the lower part of my right bottom cheek. "No, Mommy, please!" I squealed, knowing what was coming.

She paddled my bare bottom with the hairbrush, hard. It came down again and again. I thought I could take a good spanking, but this was unrelenting. Well aimed, purposeful blows, that hurt! Soon I was squirming all over her lap, and it wasn't acting at all. She admonished me to stay still, and I couldn't. I knew this mean my punishment was about to get worse. "Go stand in the corner with your skirt up!" She ordered. I almost ran there, my bottom on fire. I tried to peek at it, but couldn't see around myself. I was stunned by the hot throbbing sensation, I couldn't think of anything else.

She told me to stand still there, and think about how I needed to learn to follow directions. I wasn't crying yet, but she saw me stifle a sniffle and smiled.

"Good." She said. "I feel like with a little more effort I might get through. You think about your behavior and how you need to improve. I'm going to have a cup of coffee." With that, she left me standing in the room alone, in the corner with my bottom on display.

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Naughty Victorian Postcard

Heheh. I found this one, a postcard from the 1890's. Boy, those Victorians were kinky! If this is what all that repression brought out behind closed doors, maybe it wasn't such a bad thing! LOL

Models and photographer unknown, public domain

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sara's Surprise Spanking- Part 2

by Sara (scroll down to read part 1 first. :-) )

She started spanking me with her hand. After the second or third slap, the reality sunk in that she really did intend to spank me, and that she was already doing it. The fourth and fifth smack really brought me into it, it stung more than I expected and I was startled. “Ouch!” I squealed. She only giggled at me and said “Do you think that I don't know when a young lady needs a good hard spanking?”

There really was no way to answer the question, as she continued to do it. Once she had smacked every spot on my bottom until it was stinging and probably turning pink, there was a pause for a second. Then I felt the hairbrush resting on my butt, the wood cool on my hot skin.

I had managed not to make too much a fuss until right about then, when my mouth opened for me and pleaded “No, please.... I didn't mean to disrespectful in my tone....really, I was just teasing!” My pleading didn't help, at all.

“Really?” She asked, not waiting for me to answer “One thing I know is that when a girl is getting spanked and starts whining about it, it's usually more because she's hoping to get out of it than that she's learned her lesson!”

“Oh, no.” I whispered, almost inaudibly. Then she started to paddle me with the back of that hairbrush, and when it smacked my skin, she certainly had my full attention! In a sudden move I'd later learn to mimic, she looped one leg over mine, and I wasn't going anywhere. If I thought she had been “really” spanking me, I had been wrong! A fiery rain of swats landed on my backside, one after the other really quickly. I squirmed on her lap and she told me to stay still and continued to spank me. Some of the smacks landed on my thighs and I let out a long, loud 'owww!” Other than telling me the walls were too good for her neighbors to hear, she didn't seem to be phased by my distress. In fact, it seemed like that was her goal! Twenty or thirty swats later my ass felt like it was burning, and my eyes were tearing up but I fought it back.

She stopped for a moment, setting the hairbrush down on my bare bottom. I shifted for a second and stayed very still.

“Tell you what” she said, with some kind of challenging edge to her voice. “I don't think you've been spanked enough, but I'll up the anti with another card game...”

I waited and she made the suggestion. “Either I continue to spank you now with this hairbrush for say, half an hour”-- (half an hour?? OMG! I thought ) --”Or we'll play a game of cards and see. If you win, you're off the hook for tonight. If you loose, I'll give you forty good swats with a strap- and you'll have to count them. Up to you”


“Ok, owww....let's play cards.”

She let me up, and sheepishly I straightened my clothing. Boy was I glad when she made me another cocktail and said nothing of it as she handed the deck to me to shuffle again. I had a feeling this was going to get worse. I shifted uncomfortable in my seat, my bottom throbbing hotly as I handed the deck over for her to deal.

Come Back For More as the Story Unfolds

Sara's Surprise Spanking

You could call me a "switch" if you wanted to. I'm more likely to top younger women and bottom to older women; but it really depends and I am very private and choosy in my real life.

That said, it's story time.

Sara's Surprise Spanking - F/f

The first time I had a really physical D/s encounter with another woman, I was definitely the submissive in the situation. Laura was older, beautiful, and somehow intimidating. She was not gay, but she knew that I was and was very friendly to me without the reserve that a lot of the other women I was working with at the time seemed to have. It was years ago, and she was the district manager of a retail company I was a manager for. We became friends through work, and after I had known her for about a year I started to hang out with her outside of work. She'd invite me over for dinner, and we'd have vodka cocktails and talk for hours while playing cards or chess.

One night I was at her place and confessed that I felt bad about how much I had dressed down one of my staff members. Really, she had deserved it, her drawer had been off several times and it looked bad. Still, when I talked to her about it, I had asked her pointed questions and made a few comments that made the girl cry. I tend to be sweet and personable, but I was livid and sort of let her have it. Laura laughed at me and told me that I should feel more guilty for feeling guilty- and that she pays me to catch errors like that and make sure they get corrected and not repeated. I laughed and told her she was right, and relaxed as she made us another drink.

I'm not sure whose idea it was. I made a comment I shouldn't have, but I was really just teasing. I think. But then, I teased her about something I had fantasied about- so was it teasing or requesting? I was tipsy. I know that when I pouted after loosing a game of poker that she looked at me and said "Nice ladies don't pout!" waving her finger and giggling. Without thinking I said "You're right, boy I'm just screwing up all over the place, the floggings should continue until morale improves!" She stopped giggling and fixed a gaze on me that I read suddenly in the way kids sense when they've irked an authority figure. "really?" she asked.

I laughed, fluffing it off, and said "Well, flogging might be a little much, a good spanking would probably do the trick!"

What surprised me was not having come off with something sassy like that, but that Laura tossed her hair over one shoulder, went into her bedroom, and came back with a heavy-looking wood backed hairbrush. I was sure she was just teasing me, and I was wrong.

Apparently the look on my face gave away that I had an idea what the hairbrush was for. She laughed softly, but there was something different, almost wicked about it. She told me very matter of factly something that surprised me about her.

“You know, when I was about your age, I had an older boyfriend that used to spank the hell out of me whenever I got that tone of voice with him- and I think it did me a world of good. “ she said, smiling like a hungry cat with a mouse in a corner. “ I think it would do you a world of good, too.”

I don't usually blush, but I felt my face flush hotly, and couldn't say anything until she prompted. She sat on the couch and motioned me to follow her into the living room. I picked up both of our glasses and handed hers to her. The hairbrush out of her hands for a moment, I felt relieved. That is, until I sat down and she asked me point bank weather or not I had ever gotten a spanking before.

I told her that I had as a kid, but not since I had been caught playing with matches in my Father's garage. I was about 10, and I think he reacted in the best possible way. I was certainly more careful about rules involving safety issues! I tried to answer in a vague, informal, relaxed way... as though I didn't feel like I was standing naked in her living room when she asked the question.

She tipped her drink back, set the glass down, and picked up the hairbrush. I felt for a moment as though the floor had dissolved beneath my feet. She couldn't be serious!

She was. She tapped it on her leg, and motioned me over, as if the question had been decided. I guess it had been decided, actually, by her. My eyes opened wide in some sort of shocked expression, and she simply said “Right now.” and I followed her order. It was almost like I was watching myself walk over to the couch and put myself across her lap, I felt compelled.

“Your skirt, miss. Don't even think an argument about modesty is going to help you right now.” she stated, yanking up my skirt and pulling my panties right down. I gasped, the cool air on my butt startling, as well as the idea that my boss was seeing me in this kind of disarray.

I didn't have much time to think about it.....